Dominique Slegers

(my biggest supporter)

Dominique has a formidable list of skills in her repertoire. She is an organized thinker; systematic in her process and very thorough in all details associated with each level of preparation. She has an ability to have a broad overview of each project while maintaining the precision on the micro and macro levels. Dominique is passionate and sensitive to each project, rarely able to “just work” without meaning.


Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest

(Dutch orchestra)

The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and its partner the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra are the principal orchestras for the Dutch National Opera in its opera house Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam. The orchestras perform classical concerts in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. The NedPhO|NKO brings classical music to life at the highest level and collaborates closely with international musicians and conductors. Marc Albrecht is chief conductor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.



(instrument builder)

Why do I play Yamaha tubas? Simple… Quality! I perform on the Yamaha York CC tuba (YCB826), YFB822, and the YFB 821. Yamaha Tubas set the standard for quality, sound, and innovation. In choosing the instruments for my work I was immediately drawn to the workmanship of this wonderful company. The sound of my YCB 826S YamaYork in the larger symphonic repertoire is unsurpassed while I use my YFB 822 and YFB821S Custom tubas for all my ensemble and solo needs. What a luxury to be able to choose! Yamaha, the instrument for artists.

David Kutz_Yamaha_Artist Card_english


Atelier-Pfeiffer Rijswijk

(instrument repair)

Already 7 years my trusty YCB 826-s thanks to Yamaha, Thomas Lubitz and Marcel Scholt of Atelier Pfeiffer.


Lätzsch Custom Brass

(instrument craftsman)

The Latzsch company, founded in 1949, is a genuine development laboratory for instruments.  I perform on the CB-900 Cimbasso in F.

Dave Kutz Lätzsch Cimbasso Performing Artist


Splendor Amsterdam

(music playground)

Conceived and founded by 50 top-flight musicians and their public. In the heart of Amsterdam, you’ll find Splendor: a club for every kind of music, conceived and founded by 50 top-flight musicians and their public. Splendor is a meeting place, a club, a workspace, a musical laboratory and much, much more.


Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

(brass ensemble)

Together the trumpets, horns, trombones and tuba form the Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO). They have been performing officially together as an ensemble since 2003.


NedPhO Brass

(brass ensemble )

Brass ensemble of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.



(classical music recording)

AZAZELLO is specialised in classical music recording. Congratulations to Guido Tichelman and Bastiaan Kuijt for the Grammy Award (Jan 2018) for recording Best Classical Solo Vocal Album with Barbara Hannigan and the Dutch orchestra Ludwig.


Stefan de Haan

(graphic designer)

Stefan created the artwork for my album and designed my business cards and this website. Stefan de Haan is a multidisciplinary Art Director specializing in UI Design and Branding, who lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Ilja Keizer


Ilja makes the most beautiful pictures ever. He was responisble for all the great photos for the art work of my debut album Pure Imagination and most of the pictures of this website.


Hans Peter Schepp

(DP | director | filmmaker)

We were very happy to work with him as a camera operator for our first ShortDoc promo video. Whatever needs you might have, he can arrange the right equipment and crew for your production.


Brassband De Spijkerpakkenband

(Spiker Akademy)

The Spiker Akademy organizes masterclasses on a regular basis in collaboration with Yamaha Music Europe. It is part of the activities of the foundation Culturele Activiteiten Opsterland.

Dave Kutz coaching Spiker Akademy. Photographer © Jesse Bouma


Nationaal Jeugd Orkest

(youth orchestra )

Most precious orchestra in the Netherlands.


Utrecht Brass

(workshop in collaboration with Yamaha Music Europe)

With over 26 years of experience organising projects and events, ZIMIHC was born out of the need for places where amateur artists can perform and rehearse. Today the organisation founded in the Dutch city of Utrecht boasts three theatres and a broad professional network that allows amateur artists the opportunity and room necessary in order for their talents to flourish and evolve optimally. In the next years, ZIMIHC will present several international music events in the city of Utrecht.


Shinji Otani


The identities of places can be understood by the activities which are found there. I strive to define these identities by observing and documenting the ambiguous relationships objects have with places. My work focuses on the residual information which people and history imprint on environments. The information I photograph is often open-ended which is most of the time the way I encounter it. The photographs which result are a means of analyzing space by observing the composition of objects juxtaposed alongside their functional and aesthetic properties in order to better understand the notion of human activity upon any given location.